Dan Bochichio is a digital designer with over 20 years of practice creating web-based experiences

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I’m a founding partner of Bocain Designs. I have over 20 years of “practice” creating websites and online experiences.

I have worked with over 2,500 business owners, helping them establish or improve their presence on the web, allowing them to increase reach, revenue, and business growth.

I’ve been featured on Yahoo News, MSN, Entrepreneur, Cloudways, Under 30 CEO, and other outlets for web design and WordPress related expertise and business success.

Dan Bochichio

I’ve been building the Internet, one website at a time, since 1997.


I first logged into the Internet around 1995, on Compuserve. It was a dull, but fascinating new thing to do with the computer. Once I learned that anyone could publish content on the web, I was hooked on the idea of learning how I could “put things on the Internet.”

I started using Frontpage and soon moved on to coding within Notepad and similar text editors. MS Paintbrush was my image editor of choice when I started out. Relax, I was 13 and it was 1997. My options were limited.

I launched KalKal Productions with a friend of mine in 2006, offering web design, graphic, and video production services. Most of our leads came from craigslist, referrals from people on campus, and local small-town bands.

From 2010 to 2014, I spent most of my days working with affiliate marketing programs. I launched multiple niche websites and micro-businesses, including an incentivized marketing community website I created which reach over 300,000 members before getting acquired.

I’m currently a top-rated PRO seller on Fiverr with over 3,000 completed jobs while maintaining a 4.9-star rating. Working on the platform has connected me with thousands of business owners (2,528 currently) across the globe.

Being exposed to so many difficult cultures and industries has helped me grow individually, and professionally.

In addition to working as a local website designer in Albany NY and on the Fiverr marketplace, each month, I donate time to help nonprofits thrive online.

It might look like I have a “full plate” in front of me, but I am always interested in collaborating and meeting like-minded people online.  If you’d like to work with me, let’s talk.

Goofing off in Utah

“I didn’t grow up with the Internet, the Internet grew up with me!”

What I mean is, I’ve spent more time on the Internet than I’d like to admit, and this goes back to the mid-1990s when there wasn’t a whole lot of Internet to explore.

I’ve watched it grow from BBS systems and MUDs, to early Internet gaming and saw things get really exciting when web 2.0 came about.

Even in my early days online,  much of my time was spent trying to find and create communities within the different spaces I occupied.  My first websites were created out of my love for a game (Ultima Online) and the people (online gaming friends) I met along the way. Little did I know, this would later become my career path.

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