Dan Bochichio is a web designer in upstate New York who helps small business owners establish an identity on the web.

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Bespoke Web Design Services

There is no one size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating a successful digital strategy. The only efficient way to gain traction on the web is to develop a web strategy that suits your business model. It needs to align with your company's strengths and goals. Your digital strategy needs to be mindful of possible restraints, such as budget and time.

Dan Bochichio

Entrepreneur. Designer. Developer.

I like to say that I didn't grow up with the Internet, but that the Internet grew up with me. I started using the Internet in the early 1990s and have ever since been hooked. I've been creating websites and watching websites evolve for the last 20 years.

I began freelancing as web designer in 2004. I'm a founding partner of Bocain Designs, a web design company just outside of Albany, NY.

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What My Clients Are Saying

Since starting my freelance web design career in the early 2000s, I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of business owners across the globe, with clients in more than 75 countries.

"Dan is amazing. He is patient, knowledgeable, responsive, and creative. Totally exceeded my expectations for a website and i have been responsible for creating websites for various firms. His value proposition is very high."

Ary Avnet Avnet Law

"Dan gave us really detailed and very insightful information about our website. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to better improve their user experience and help reduce frustration of visitors to your website."

Faith Samadhi Retreats

"By following the first audit suggestions, my website sales literally tripled. I went from 10 sales a month to over 30 sales after renovating the site. If you find that you are struggling with success, you need is unbiased review."

Kerven Janvier Nothing But Sounds

Don't take my word for it!

There's a reason my work has earned over 1,500 5-Star Ratings.

Web Design & Development

Here are recent examples of my work. With all of these clients, I played a major role in designing on-page experiences, developing their websites, and launching them onto the Internet.

A WordPress Directory


We LOVE the ARCADE is a directory website whichallows visitors to submit their favorite arcades. Business owners can also submit or claim their listings. The site features social logins, geolocation services, and is built off of user generated content.

  • Interface Design / UI
  • User Experience / UX
  • WordPress Development
  • Geolocation Directory with Google Maps
  • Membership System with User Generated Content

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e-Commerce WordPress Website

Seacraft Gallery

Seacraft Gallery had an out of date OpenCart website. I worked with their team to create a brand new WordPress website with custom shopping layouts. The site allows shoppers to login with their social media accounts.

  • Interface Design / UI
  • User Experience / UX
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Woocommerce Customizations
  • Product Catalog & E-commerce Checkout
  • Advanced Marketing Scripts

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Lead Generation Website

Dolbey Company

Dolbey Company has been around for over one hundred years. To be in business that long, you must be competitive. Dolbey's new website, Fusion Narrate, was created to spread awareness about their speech recognition software.

  • Interface Design / UI
  • User Experience / UX
  • WordPress Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Lead Generation Tools

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Why Hire Dan?

I have spent more than 15 years in the web design industry. I know what works, I've seen what fails, and I know how to navigate business owners through the entire process.

I know "web stuff" so you don't have to.

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I'm not just a web designer who can also develop websites. I have over a decade of experience running my own web based, web design business. I've been through the process, multiple times, for my own business, side businesses, and for hundreds of clients. You're getting an individual with a strong sense for business, someone who keeps up with current design trends, and web standards. I can take the guess work out of the whole process, ensuring a smooth ride from point A to point B, wherever you are.

I built my first website in 1998. My first client project was in 2004. Since 2008, I have been working in the industry full time. In the last few years, I've played a role in creating or improving over 200 different websites per year.

I have worked with over 2,300 clients spanning across over 75 countries. A majority of my clients are from the United States, the UK, or Australia.

This really depends on the job. By the time you're done working with me, you'll have a website that will work as a strong platform to grow your business. You'll have a strategy on how to market yourself online, what channels (web traffic) to put focus on, and a way to track your success online.

Many of my clients whom came to me for improving their current situations saw improvements as high as 700% in terms of monthly revenue.

I can design, develop, and deploy your website. On top of that, I can also help with the business model, and how it pertains to your website. Here's a summary of services I do offer.

  • Domain registration & management
  • Implementing HTTPS, SSL, and securing existing websites.
  • Website design
  • WordPress development
  • Website content
  • Post-launch website strategy
  • Conversation rate optimization
  • Usability and accessibility testing

I know where my strengths are. More importantly, I know where my strengths aren't. For certain web services, I must respectfully "bow out" - but don't worry, I can connect you with trusted professionals in my network to ensure top notch quality, end to end. Here are web services I do not personally offer, but have strong contacts for:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing (Bing Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, etc)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  • Email marketing (via Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc)
  • Certain data analysis task (Google Analytics, Search Console, Data Studio, etc)

Contacting me is a great way to begin. Before you do that, I have a few recommendations as to what you should have ready. This information will make the process quicker, and easier, for both of us.

  • Where are you in your journey? Let me know if you already have a website, need a new website, or need changes made to it. If your company is brand new, that's important to let me know too.
  • Have you invested in anything yet? Sometimes people have already bought a logo, domain, web hosting, brand/identity work, etc... Let me know if you've already have assets created.
  • What is your timeline like? How fast do you need to move?
  • Where are you located (and include a timezone)?

I'm usually booked up for a minimum of four (4) weeks. That doesn't mean we can't start chatting and getting a project brewing. I just can't jump into working immediately.

Thanks for asking! Web design is not just my career, but also a passion, so there are often days where you can find me hanging around the house, tinkering with code. I also enjoy getting outside and can be seen bicycling around town, gardening in the yard with my wife, banging on metal (blacksmithing), or just relaxing in a hammock.

The First Step to Improving Your Business Online...

Whether you're ready to get started, or just want to get a conversation going, the first step in your journey is to send me an email. You can do that here, dan@bocaindesigns.com or through my WordPress web design company website.

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